Governance and organization

The Fund’s governing bodies are the Administrative Board and the Executive Board. 


The Administrative Board of the Fund consists of 5 persons: one representative of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, two representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, one representative of the relevant committee of the Parliament of Ukraine and the Deposit Guarantee Fund Managing Director. 

  • Svitlana Rekrut, Managing Director, Deposit Guarantee Fund;
  • Ihor Pryima, Head of Secretariat, Parliament Financial policy and Banking Committee, Acting Chairman of the Board;
  • Nataliia Strakhova, Deputy Director of the Department - Head of the Banking Services Division and Co-ordination of Interaction with the Nb of the Department of Financial Policy; Ministry of Finance;
  • Mykhailo Vidiakin, Director of the Strategy and Reforming Department, National Bank of Ukraine;
  • Oleg Strynzha, Director of the Financial Controlling Department, National Bank of Ukraine.


The Executive Board of the Fund consists of 6 members. The Managing Director and Deputy Managing Directors of the Deposit Guarantee Fund are included in the Executive Board ex officio. The Managing Director of the Fund appoints and dismisses the deputies subject to approval of the Administrative Board.

  • Svitlana Rekrut, Managing Director;
  • Andrii Olenchyk, Deputy Managing Director;
  • Olga Bilay, Deputy Managing Director;
  • Nataliia Rudukha, Deputy Managing Director;
  • Viktor Novikov, Deputy Managing Director;
  • Olena Nuzhnenko, Head of Financial Department;


1. Managing Director

2. Deputy Managing Director

3. Deputy Managing Director

4. Deputy Managing Director

5. Deputy Managing Director

6. Strategy, Regulation and Methodology

7. Bank Monitoring Department

Department includes:

Examinations Unit;

Economic Analysis, & Monitoring, which includes Statistics and Organization of Reporting, Enforcement Actions Sector;

8. Bank Resolution Department

Department includes:

Insolvent Bank Management Division

Provisional Administration and Liquidation Unit

9. Resolution Plans Development and Implementation and Insolvent Banks Asset Management Department

Department includes:

Resolution Plans Development and Implementation Unit

Insolvent Banks Asset Management Unit

10. Insolvent Banks Resolution Methodology and Control Unit

11. Deposit Insurance Payments Division, which includes Payout Methodological Support Sector

12. Insolvent Banks Accounting Unit

13. Department of Consolidated Sales and Asset Management

Department includes:

Fraud Investigation Department Unit

14. Control and Security Unit

15. IT Department

16. Department of Consolidated Sales and Asset Management

Department includes:

Real Estate Unit

Special Assets Unit

Loans Unit

Other Assets Unit

Asset Marketing and Sales Unit

Real Estate Sales Sector

Bulk Loan Sales Sector

Exchange Sector

17. Accounting (Chief accountant)

18. IT Unit

19. HR, which includes Training Sector

20. Public Relations and International Cooperation, which includes Financial Literacy Sector

21. Advisors Service

22. Managing Director’s Office

23. Internal Audit Service

24. Internal Controls Division, which includes Revision Work Unit, Insolvent Banks Evaluation Sector

25. Information Policy Division, which include Communication and Information Activities, Call Center

26. Financial Department, which includes Cash management and consolidated reporting, Budgeting Unit, Contracts and Bidding Procedures

27. Administrative Department

Department includes:

Logistics/ Technical Support Unit

Records Management Unit, which includes Records Management Support Service, Work with references of citizens, Incoming and outgoing correspondence

28. Consumer Protection Unit

29. Legal Department

Department includes:

Unit of the judicial work and representative offices

Legal Support of Corporate Activities Unit

Legal Support of Insolvent Banks Unit