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About us

Deposit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter — “DGF”) is established with the purpose of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of bank depositors.

The major objective of the DGF is to ensure:

  • the functioning of the household deposits guarantee system
  • resolution of failed banks.

Deposit Guarantee Fund was established in 1998 when the President of Ukraine signed the Decree «On Measures to Protect the Rights of Physical Persons as Depositors of Commercial Banks in Ukraine» which provided for the reimbursement of the deposits to the commercial banks at the amount of UAH 500.00.

Since then the coverage limit was increased 11 times. At present, the maximum coverage limit isUAH 200,000.

Deposit Guarantee Fund covers the deposits of the individuals (natural persons) and sole traders.

All duly licensed banks in Ukraine are members of the DGF. The only bank which is not a member of the Fund is «VAT Derzhavniy Oschadniy Bank Ukrainy» (the National Savings Bank of Ukraine).

Brief History of DGF

1998Decree of the President of Ukraine «On Measures to Protect the Rights of Physical Persons as Depositors of Commercial Banks in Ukraine».

The Decree approved the establishment of the Deposit Guarantee Fund as well as procedures regulating the use of its resources.

The document also established that the depositors could be reimbursed for the deposits to the commercial banks from the date of the deposits inaccessibility at the amount of UAH 500.00.

September 20, 2001 – the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) approved the law «On Deposit Guarantee Fund». According to the law DGF guaranteed reimbursement of the deposits including the interest accrued for every depositor to the member (temporary member) bank at the amount of UAH 1,200.      

September 22, 2012 – The Law of Ukraine «On Households Deposit Guarantee System» came into force. The new governing law:

  • extended the DGF mandate in the field of bank resolution, including provisional administration and liquidation of failed banks;
  • formalized that coverage limit couldn’t be less than UAH 200,000;
  • simplified the procedures of the purchase of failed or bridge bank by investor;
  • established procedure for the resolution of  a failed bank with the involvement of the Ministry of Finance or state-owned bank.

September 12, 2015 – the Law of Ukraine “On Amendment of Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine in Respect of the Improvement of the Household Deposit Guarantee System and the Resolution of Insolvent Banks” came into force.

The amendments:

  • strengthened DGF powers as a provisional administrator and liquidator of failed bank and enhanced its’ role in early detection and timely intervention;
  • reduced the timeline for the resolution of a failed bank with the involvement of the state;
  • provided for the sale of the bank property (assets) exclusively at an open tender whereas low-value and non-durable objects, fixed assets, non-current assets, etc., the net book value of which does not exceed 10 minimum wages to be sold directly to a legal entity or a natural person.

The law also has provisions that require related party of the bank, the actions or failure to act of which resulted in losses incurred by the creditors and/or the bank, and/or any related party of the bank, which directly or indirectly benefited from such actions or failure to act, to compensate for the damage caused to the bank.

The second phase of the deposit guarantee system development started in January 1, 2016:

  • the failed bank resolution plan approval time was reduced to 30 days;
  • the term of the provisional administration was reduced to 1 months with the possibility of extension for 1 month for the purpose of implementing resolution plan other than liquidation;
  • the decision making process regarding failed bank liquidation was accelerated for the banks that meets least-cost resolution criteria.

The law also provided for the consolidation of the failed banks assets sale and management procedures within DGF. For this purpose the consolidated asset sales and management office was established in DGF. 

During the third stage (starting from July 1, 2016):

  • the starting date of the depositors reimbursement was reduced to 20 working days (for the banks with over 500,000 accounts in the database - 30 days)  from the day of the commencement of the bank resolution procedure by the DGF.

Starting from January 1, 2017, DGF covers the deposits of the sole traders.